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World-leading data analysis solutions


We deliver multivariate solutions for analyzing large, complex datasets quickly, easily and accurately. Many world-leading organizations rely on The Unscrambler® X Design Expert® , the most complete multivariate data analysis and design of experiments solution, to get deeper insights, understand processes and make better predictions from their data.


At Timmerman Analytical we help our clients extract the most value and business insights from their data in the shortest time. We are passionate about Quantitative Data Analytics.

Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA)


MVA is a powerful set of techniques to help you understand underlying relationships between variables in large datasets, most of which classical statistics may not adequately identify or explain.


MVA lets you identify, understand and visualize important relationships in order to make better predictions from your data.


Multivariate analysis is also highly graphical in its approach. This allows an analyst to examine the inner or hidden structure of large data sets, and to visually identify the factors which influence the results.


The expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is particularly relevant when trying to interpret large, complex data sets!

Real value for your business


Whatever your data, we can help save money, increase revenue and turn your data into a competitive advantage through better business analytics.


Businesses around the world are increasingly turning to their data for insights and information that lets them operate more effectively and stay ahead of their competitors.


Previously forward-thinking organizations used data analysis to allow them to react faster. Today, those same organizations are realizing that reacting quickly is not enough. Nowadays they need the ability to predict, understand and anticipate what is going to happen tomorrow instead.


Unfortunately many business intelligence solutions claim to deliver powerful analytics, while in most cases, these systems do little more than aggregate and ‘dashboard’ historical data, without any genuine analytics behind the numbers.


Our powerful analytical software and data analysis expertise can help businesses of all sizes transform their data into real business insights, underpinned by cutting-edge multivariate analysis technology.